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We are highly grateful to the Bench & Bar in posing confidence in DLT (Daily) since inception. Quantum of litigation has gone up manifold during the past five-six years and disposal of cases has gone up equally. Our endeavour is not to miss any judgment which is of day-to-day use e.g. Bail, Criminal Law Practice and Procedure, Corruption, Cruelty, Dishonour of Cheque, Dowry Deaths, Offences, NDPS, Preventive Detention etc. From this year we are introducing DLT (Criminal) Weekly, covering extensively criminal judgments pronounced by Delhi High Court, Landmark judgments of Supreme Court of India and other High Courts also, in order to meet adequate requirements and to serve the Bench and Bar more effectively, efficiently by updating it weekly. Kindly encourage us by subscribing DLT (Criminal) Weekly today.

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