Delhi Law Times Digest

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Analytic - Cases dealing with more than one subject have been carefully analysed & digested under each subject or statute. Arrangement - All statutes & topics are arranged alphabetically & each statute contains sections in chronological order. Every section is further divided into Sub-sections & clauses there to followed by detailed synopsis supported by Sub-topics. Citation - All citations have been systematically arranged under analytical & precise Head-Notes with Equivalent Citations. Coverage - Wide enough, case law from January, 1995 to December,2001 and 2002 - 2005(In Press) digested alphabetically & chronologically. Synopsis - Maximum No. of synopsis extracted from each case, to facilitate detailed & refined study on subject, every case is crowned with separate synopsis. Time Saving - Key to Reports – A particular case can be traced within no time from a mass of hidden case Law developed during last 10 years. Utility - All these above features makes this Digest unique & handy.

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